Tests on Dahua Night Vision IP Cameras

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Tests on Dahua Night Vision IP Cameras

Hi everyone! My name is James, the Technical Manager in TY Security. Recently, increasing customers and clients have become interested and have enquired more about the night performance of cameras, I will therefore perform a series of tests to evaluate and compare the quality of several Dahua IP cameras with night vision functions.

The tested cameras are listed as follows:

  • IPC-HDW2431TMP-AS                           4MP Startlight IP camera
  • IPC-HDW3441TMP-AS                           Lite AI 4MP Startlight IP camera
  • IPC-HDW5442TMP-AS                           Pro AI 4MP Startlight Plus IP camera
  • IPC-HDW5442TMP-AS-LED                   Pro AI 4MP Full Color IP camera
  • IPC-HDW5541TMP-AS-PV                     ActiveDeterance 5MP AI Camera
  • IPC-HDW4631EMP-0280                       6MP IR IP camera
  • IPC-HDW4831EMP-ASE  4mm              8MP IR IP camera
  • IPC-HDW2831TMP-AS                           8MP Startlight IP camera

In scenario 1, eight cameras were installed in front of the door and were tested one by one, with some road lamps under this condition. When a camera was tested, the IR or LED lights of the other cameras were covered by black tapes in order to eliminate the influence. Pictures taken at night are shown below.

It is clear that 5442-led, 5442, 5541, 3441 and 2431 provided color pictures in auto mode (Default settings—cameras automatically choose the color image or B/W image), whereas black/white images were shown in 2831, 4631 and 4831. It was strange that although 2431 and 2831 were both Dahua’s new-generation starlight cameras, 2831 is in IR mode in the same environment compared to 2431’s color picture. As such, if we manually change 4631, 4831 and 2831 to a color mode, what will happen?

The image quality of 2831 improved after being switched to the color mode and the image even reached to the level of 2431. However, there is plenty serious motion blur if the image is not static. (See the below comparison video)

In scenario 2, all cameras were installed in a dark room in order to stimulate a complete dark environment.

Under this totally dark condition, 7 cameras were switched to the IR mode because the light was so weak that it could not reach the minimum illumination of the camera. However, the FullColor camera still provided a color image due to its LED light supplement lamp.

The Comparsion Video: !!!!!!!!

According to the observations above, the form was created in order to help you compare the night performance of these cameras much more easily.


Environment has some light

Complete Dark Environment


5 Stars 5 Stars


5 Stars 4 Stars


4 Stars 3 Stars


3.5 Stars 3 Stars


3 Stars 3 Stars


2 Stars 1.5 Stars


1.5 Stars 1.5 Stars


1 Stars 1.5 Stars


    1. 2431 is the most cost-effective camera in terms of night vision. If you want your camera has some AI functions, like SMD or Smart IVS, new 3 series lite AI camera (3441) is also a good option.
    2. 2831 is more likely to stay IR mode than color mode in a lowlight environment at night.(same envirnment, 2831 is BW and 2431 is color). However If you force 2831 to color mode, serious motion blur will be produced.
    3. 3441 is the leader in the second echelon (3441, 2431, 2831 and 5541). Small motion blur and picture noise and has more AI function than 2431.
    4. 5441-pv seems to has a poor performance in terms of night vision. Although it has a pretty big CMOS sensor (1/2.7” ), there are still plenty picture noise and motion blur. The light spot of this camera is two-way talk and audio and light warming function.
    5. 5442-LED and 5442 are the top two night vision cameras, while 5442-LED is better in a complete dark environment owing to its extra LED lamp. Therefore, if you want get the color image in a very dark condition, 5442-led fullcolor camera is a only choice. If the environment has some light, number plate is very hard to be recognized by 5442-led, due to the strong reflection, but It is worth noting that 5542-led do make other objects (like human face or clothes) clearer.
    6. As the old generation, 4631 and 4831 are at the bottom.
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